About the New Faces of Ministry Project

a platform to lead

The New Faces of Ministry project strives to promote the unique opportunities available through theological education by lifting up the stories, testimonials, and work of students from some of the country’s leading seminaries and divinity schools. As part of the program, students and recent alumni/ae from Seminaries that Change the World receive leadership training and are invited speak, preach, teach, hold conversations, and lead worship with a diverse array of organizations, including congregations, colleges, youth corps, and summer camps.

One of the major goals of the New Faces of Ministry project is to challenge prevailing misconceptions about the “type” of people that go to seminary. By highlighting the work of dynamic, engaging individuals, the New Faces project is able to promote a more holistic view of ministry, and highlight the ways ministry can serve as a platform for public leadership and social change.

The Idea

The New Faces of Ministry project was originally conceived by a few seminary students who felt like seminaries and divinity schools weren't doing a great job at getting the word out about seminary. Disappointed at how few colleges seminary recruiters were actually able to visit, these students decided to go on a summer-long tour around the country. They felt that there were wild misconceptions about the "type" of people who go to seminary, and wanted to put a "new face" on theological education. Thus, the New Faces of Ministry Tour was born. 

The program has grown each year, and for the past four years seminarians from all over the country have joined the tour, visiting summer camps, colleges, youth corps, and conferences to share about their call to seminary, and the exciting opportunities available through a theological education and beyond.