Communities of Love Project

In early October, 2016, TIME magazine published an article reporting that InterVarsity, one of the largest Christian campus outreach organizations in the country, had informed employees that if they were in favor of gay marriage, they were invited to out themselves and leave the organization. 

While there are a number of examples of Christian communities and organizations that have made similar edicts, there are countless others who stand with the LGBTQI community and believe in the full inclusion of the whole person - whether straight, gay, bi, trans, queer, intersex, asexual, or something else.

At the Center for Faith and Service, we consider ourselves to be Allies, and want to lift up the Christian organizations and communities that support the LGBTQI community and those who identify as Allies. Through the Communities of Love Project, the Center for Faith and Service is compiling a list of Christian and interfaith organizations that do welcome and affirm all people. If you are part of an affirming organization, we hope you'll share your group's info with us, and we'll try to share the message of love and inclusion with the world.


Huffington Post Article: Outed by Intervarsity

Rev. Wayne Meisel, Executive Director of The Center for Faith and Service, responds to the InterVarsity Statement on Theology of Human Sexuality.


Tell us about your inclusive group or organization

The Center is working to compile a list of organizations, campus ministries, churches, and other groups that are open and affirming of all people. If you are part of a Christian or Interfaith community that fits this bill, let us know.


Find a community 

Looking for a community where you can be your whole self, while exploring and growing in your faith? Check out the list of communities and organizations that are open and inclusive.