December 22

Reflection by Joy Bronson, M.Div Student at Vanderbilt Divinity School


This journey can be wearying.
We are called to go and so, whether faithfully or by seeming lack of choice, we go.
And given that we are called, one would assume that it should then be simple.
And yet it is simple—the destination clear.
It is the way that often is uneasy.

We at times feel that we lack
Direction, courage, sustenance, perseverance, wisdom, grace
But we know that we are strengthened and empowered to go forward
God will provide always what we need
We must continually renew and reaffirm ourselves in God

All that we are, and with which we nurture and empower ourselves
Must be Theirs

It helps to remember that
‘We are prophets of a future not our own’
We may well not bring the Kingdom

Today, nor tomorrow
But every step further on our journey in God is one step further
In our experience of this life
To where we desire to be

To where God is calling

No journey is the same, no two identical
Because each of our journeys is one in a greater whole
One thing is certain
Each step we take in our journey of “Called”
Is commitment to allow the Christ-child to be reborn
To re-manifest in Spirit through us

May we see in our journey
The joy, the love, the transformation, the gifts of God—
Mine, ours, others
May we remember that we are all sojourners
And bless and encourage one another
As each we make our way

About Joy

Joy E Bronson

Joy Bronson is a 2nd year master of divinity student at Vanderbilt University Divinity School. She has worked over a decade in social justice with nonprofits and churches. Currently, she is developing a peace and justice ministry focused around helping communities and people of faith spiritually discern their work in creating and sustaining God-centered communities.

About Vanderbilt Divinity School

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Vanderbilt Divinity School is a leader in the movement to make service and justice the central question of theological education. VDS offers a number of cross-disciplinary degree and certificate programs that help equip students for a variety of service and justice centered occupations and ministries, as well as a number of scholarships to help make it happen.

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