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The seeds of Episcopal Service Corps were planted in the mid-1980s, when the Washington National Cathedral began a program for 20-25 year olds “in recognition that many young people today possess great energy, a highly developed sense of justice for all, and a need to put these gifts into practice through volunteer service.” What began in one congregation in one city spread throughout the Episcopal Church, expanding to over 25 locations throughout the United States. Thirty years later, more than 700 young adults have served thousands of individuals, bearing witness to the church’s commitment to stand on the side of poor and marginalized people.

In 2008, the six existing Episcopal programs gathered from across the country to found a national network, and Episcopal Service Corps was born. Each program retained its unique identity and local leadership while collaborating on a common volunteer application and sharing resources and ideas. Bringing together programs with shared values and mission, Episcopal Service Corps strengthens member programs through training and support for staff and connects young adult volunteers to a national movement of faith-based service.

Today, Episcopal Service Corps volunteers bring their energy and sense of justice to a year of service, community living, faith formation, and vocational discernment. The experience pushes you out of your comfort zone and into a place of holy encounter with yourself, with other people, and with God. This experience continues to impact lives, long after the year of service is over.

These programs can be thought of as “investments,” expected to yield spiritual, interpersonal, and professional dividends very abundantly!


Per program. Ranges from November 4 – February 1.  Click here for more details through the the Episcopal Service Corps.


Per program. Click here for more details through the the Episcopal Service Corps.


Various programs in various states, including Arkansas, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin

Funding & Benefits

Stipend: Provided, but program specific. Click here for more details through the the Episcopal Service Corps.

Fundraising: Program specific. Click here for more details through the the Episcopal Service Corps.

AmeriCorps Education Awards: Program specific. Click here for more details through the the Episcopal Service Corps.

Loan Forbearance: Programs affiliated with AmeriCorps provide forbearance on federal student loans and end-of-year education grants.

Housing: Provided.

Intentional living community: Yes. ESC believes that interns grow through living with other Christians while trying to practice the ancient ways of the faith intentionally, including eating and praying together. This communal lifestyle is counter-cultural, and in some ways monastic. Through this experience, interns come to a deep understanding of how their actions affect others. Communal living is an attempt to live out Jesus’ commandment to love neighbor as self in a literal and intentional way.

Board: Provided.

Travel and Transportation: Provided.

Health Insurance: Provided.

Mission & Distinctives


We are a community of faithful, diverse, and passionate young adults, transforming the world and ourselves by striving for justice and peace among all people.


Episcopal Service Corps programs believe:

  • How you spend your young adult years will profoundly shape the rest of your life.
  • Creating diverse and multicultural communities from every “family, language, people and nation” makes peace and reconciliation incarnate.
  • Working for justice, freedom and peace is an essential part of Christian life.
  • Service to others changes lives, both of the people serving as well as those being served.
  • Prayer, reflection and discernment is necessary and valuable work.
  • The Church will be changed for the good by the lived theology of our participants


ECS is a resource for a variety of programs, and as such there is variability in the requirements.. AmeriCorps programs do not discriminate on the basis of religion in admissions. Other programs may give preference to Episcopalian applicants, but are open to people from diverse faith backgrounds. Each program’s website can answer this question more fully. Click here for more details through the the Episcopal Service Corps.


Milwaukee, WI, Creating for a Cause

New Haven, CT, St. Hilda’s House

New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA, Living with Purpose: Louisiana

New York, NY, New York Intern Program

Newark, NJ, Newark Arts

Omaha, NE, Resurrection House

Philadelphia, PA, Servant Year

Providence, RI, Jonathan Daniels House

Richmond, VA, Grace-on-the-Hill

San Francisco, CA, DioCal Interns

Seattle, WA, SERVE: Seattle Episcopal Residential Volunteer Experience

St. Louis, MO, Deaconess Anne House

Ventura County, CA, Abundant Table Farm Project

Waialua, HI, Creation Care at Camp Mokule‘ia

Washington, DC, Trinity Volunteer Corps

Winston-Salem, NC, Abraham Project

Atlanta, GA, ASAP: All Saints’ Atlanta Project

Atlanta, GA, The Road

Baltimore, MD, ESC-MD in Baltimore

Boston, MA, Life Together

Cambridge, MA, SSJE Monastic Internship Program

Chapel Hill, NC, Johnson Intern Program

Chicago, IL, The Julian Year

Cleveland, OH, Trinity Cleveland Urban Service Corps

Columbus, OH, Confluence Year

Davis, CA, LEVN: Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network

Denver, CO, Colorado Episcopal Service Corps – St. Columba House

Fayetteville, AR, Ark Fellows

Harrisburg, PA, Sycamore House Service Corps

Houston, TX, Bayou City Service Corps

Los Angeles, CA, Episcopal Urban Intern Program