Helena Epstein

Helena Epstein

M.Div 2016 Wake Forest University School of Divinity


Winston Salem

Undergrad & Major(s)

Kent State University, Nursing

What kind of service experience have you had in the past?


How have you been involved in community service/social justice issues while in Seminary?

Volunteering at Shalom Project Health Clinic, Volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters , Internship at Greensboro Urban Ministries

What type of "ministry" do you see yourself doing?


What topics or issues would you be open to sharing about with groups? 

Sacraments, Pastoral Care, Discernment

What were your favorite courses in undergrad? Seminary? 

Sacraments, Worship Matters, Providence

What's your dream job?

To work in a congregation which is committed to intersecting with the community around it to promote a vision of the world which is rooted in grace and compassion.

What do you like to do when you're not working on changing the world?

Spend time with my family and friends, go to the park with my dogs, doodle, cook, and read.