Laura Kelly

Union Presbyterian Seminary, M.Div


Moved All Over (Army Dependant)

Undergrad & Major(s)

Florida State University, English Literature

What kind of service experience have you had in the past?

I worked with transitional living facilities for people experiencing homelessness, served as a tutor and after school programs coordinator, and participated in/served as a captain for Relay for Life.

How have you been involved in community service/social justice issues while in seminary?

I am involved with Richmonders Involved to Strengthen our Communities (RISC), an ecumenical organizing campaign that demands justice for the city. I also seek justice and inclusive welcome for folks who identify as LGBTQI, both at the seminary level and at the Church level. 

What type of ministry do you see yourself doing?

I plan to sit with those who feel overwhelmed by darkness by serving as a chaplain in a hospital.

What topics or issues would you be open to sharing about with groups?

I get excited to talk about inclusive welcome, evangelism, discernment, improv and the church, and the prologue of John.

What were your favorite classes in undergrad? Seminary?

In undergrad I loved every class on literature - I loved learning to read critically and engage with texts. I also enjoyed the courses I took on leadership, and met some of the most incredible human beings and professors. In Seminary I have most enjoyed engaging the biblical texts, theology, and pastoral care courses. These courses have helped me reframe the way I encounter others as I continue to discern ways in which the Spirit speaks hope to the church today. 

What is your dream job?


What do you like to do when you're not working on changing the world?

Very rarely am I changing the world - all that I do is through God's grace. So basically I spend most of my days trying to live and love others more fully, with God's help. I also love improv comedy.