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Lutheran Volunteer Corps places a special emphasis on creating social justice through the exploration of racism in America and how it affects each of us. This is accomplished through training with our partner, Crossroads, as well as guided conversations throughout the year during program days.

Placements are varied and include schools, environmental organizations, shelters, programs for women and youth, medical and legal clinics, refugee services, public policy organizations, community organizers, senior service providers, food banks, and general social services.


First round deadline is January 15th. Second Round deadline is April 1.


1-2 years. Accepted and matched Volunteers begin in August.


Baltimore, Berkeley, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Oakland, Omaha, San Francisco, St. Paul, Seattle, Tacoma, Washington, DC, and Wilmington, DE.

Funding & Benefits

Stipend: Yes, varies on site.

Fundraising: LVC does not have a fundraising requirement for Volunteers. However, we encourage each Volunteer to help LVC raise the $2,500 of funds that LVC must raise to cover each Volunteers program costs.

AmeriCorps Education Awards: No.

Loan Forbearance: Yes, federally guaranteed student loans typically can be deferred.  For private loans vary by lender.  Check with your university and/or lending institution to confirm eligibility and to obtain the appropriate forms.

Housing: Provided.

Intentional living community: Yes, it is intentional living. Volunteers often share bedrooms, but in some cases have their own rooms. Volunteers live in low to middle income, racially diverse communities with three to six fellow volunteers. When deciding upon the location of each house, local supporters and staff consider many different factors including access to public transportation, proximity to work sites, and safety.

Homes are adequately but simply furnished with donated kitchen supplies and furniture.

Board: Covered by stipend.

Travel and Transportation: Volunteers are reimbursed for travel to their LVC city and for travel at the close of the year assuming they successfully complete the year with LVC.

Other benefits: Volunteers participate in retreats or program days during the year and receive a minimum of two weeks vacation.

Mission & Distinctives

Our communities are gifted with strength, imagination and compassion. Our world is struggling with poverty, environmental degradation and oppressive ideologies like racism and sexism.

Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC) unites full-time stipended Volunteers with financial supporters, non-profit organizations and ministries to work for peace with justice across the nation. In addition to working for justice, LVC Volunteers live together in intentional household communities of 4-7 people to encourage simple, sustainable living.

Working alongside those in their placements, LVC Volunteers actively respond to the gifts and needs of their community members. Partnering with their placements, LVC Volunteers provide direct service, community organizing, indirect service, advocacy and public policy.

Founded in 1979 by Luther Place Memorial Church, LVC is now an independent non-profit organization governed by a national board of directors. LVC is recognized as a social ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and is a member of both Lutheran Services in America and Catholic Network for Volunteer Service.

LVC is on a Journey to an Inclusive Community, forming and strengthening alliances among people of many cultures and communities, and intentionally dismantling racism in our organization, the church and society. As a Reconciling in Christ organization, LVC welcomes and encourages the full participation of people of all sexual orientations,  gender identities, and gender expressions.

LVC encourages Volunteers, placements, supporters and staff members to have spiritual practices of building intentional community, working for peace with justice, and living simply and sustainably. LVC works with all people and does not discriminate on the basis of religious affiliation when hiring staff members, approving placements or selecting LVC Volunteers.


  • 21 or older and who are self-motivated, mature, and stable.
  • Volunteers should want to grow in the areas of spirituality, justice, community, and simplicity/sustainability.
  • Volunteers often find themselves in new and unexpected situations, so flexibility, openness, and a sense of humor are essential.
  • Because of the nature of the work and community life, applicants are requested to be in good physical and emotional health.
  • Those in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse are requested to have a minimum of two years sobriety before applying.


LVC is open to persons from all spiritual traditions. LVC does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, creed, age, culture, disability, economic class, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. LVC asks only that participants be willing to  live into our core practices of intentional community, living simply and sustainably, and working for peace with justice as well as engage in conversations about spirituality and vocation during their program year.

Can a non-believer feel welcome and accepted?

Volunteers are not required to be Lutheran. LVC is open to people of all spiritualities and perspectives. About one-third of volunteers come from Lutheran backgrounds. Some may not identify with a particular faith or denomination. LVC asks volunteers to be open to exploring and experiencing their spirituality with others.