Jesuit Volunteer Corps

JVC works domestically and internationally with and for people who are disenfranchised, marginalized, or vulnerable, such as children with limited educational opportunities, people who are homeless, patients diagnosed with AIDS, survivors of domestic abuse, low-wage earners, former gang members, refugees, or the elderly.

Almost 300 schools, nonprofit agencies, and grassroots organizations across the world count on JVs to provide essential services.

Mission & Distinctives

The Jesuit Volunteer Corp (JVC) is centered around: Spirituality, Simple Living, Social Justice and Community

JVC, in collaboration with the Society of Jesus, enhances the capacity of local organizations to serve their communities by providing Jesuit Volunteers to directly serve the poor and marginalized in the U.S. and developing countries. For a year or more Jesuit Volunteers live simply, in community, immersed in Ignatian Spirituality. The experience opens the JV to be conscious of the poor, attuned to the causes of social injustice, and dedicated to service informed by faith. The Jesuit Volunteer Corps helps Former Jesuit Volunteers nurture this orientation throughout their lives.


For the international program and first round with the domestic program is January 16, 2014

For the second round with the domestic program is March 18, 2014.


Domestic: One-year commitment, which begins in the first weeks of August with orientation and ends the following August.

International: Two years in host countries, which begins with orientation in July. You would not generally return to the U.S. until their service obligation ends, including holidays, weddings, graduations, etc. Most jobs begin after orientation, others not until the late fall or early winter. All international JVs are required to attend the July orientation regardless of start date.


Thirty-eight domestic and six international locations (see below).

Funding & Benefits


While participating in JVC, your basic needs are covered and you should not have reason to spend personal funds (except travel to orientation). A “small personal stipend, to use at your discretion” is also provided.


Domestic: Required to set a minimum goal of $500 and reach out to their personal networks including friends, family, parish communities, etc.

International: Required to set a minimum goal of $3,000 and reach out to their personal networks including friends, family, parish communities, etc.

AmeriCorps Education Awards:


Loan Forbearance

Domestic: Forbearance and deferment are available for most federally guaranteed student loans. Check with your lending institution to confirm eligibility and obtain the appropriate forms, which must be completed by you and JVC staff. If you are having difficulties with your lender, contact your program coordinator.

International: We provide a letter for international JVs to authenticate that they live under minimum wage.

Other financial benefits




Intentional living community

In a JV community, you will live with other JVs, men and women, who will be part of your support structure, as you’re all in a place far from home. JVs may share bedrooms, but in some cases have their own rooms. Everyone cooks and cleans, or learns how. As a community, you agree on regular times to be together as community, discuss how to make decisions and resolve conflict, agree on community meal times, and divide household responsibilities. All JVs are responsible to each other as members of the same community. Regularly community meetings help keep communications channels open and expectations clear. In addition to the community nights, JVs commit to weekly spirituality nights, which is a chance to foster friendships and grow in faith together.


Food stipend provided

Travel and Transportation

Travel to the volunteer site, transportation to and from work on site or retreats, and travel home at the end of the program is provided.

Health Insurance



The Jesuit Volunteer Corps welcomes women and men regardless of age, culture, economic status, ethnic origin, gender, physical challenge, or sexual orientation. Applicants should be 21 or older and have a college degree or applicable work experience. JVs are committed to community, social justice, simple living, and spirituality. A JVC year is a bounty of new experiences, so faith, flexibility, and a sense of humor are essential.

Special considerations for International Placements: There may be medical issues that could prevent an applicant from eligibility to participate in the program, due to our program’s ability to support and sustain a JV in countries that may have limited resources. Applicants must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen in order to apply for the international program. As in the domestic program, faith, flexibility, and a sense of humor are essential, in addition to a strong willingness, desire, and intentionality with which to commit to the values in the context of another country and culture.

Religious Requirements

JVC is grounded in the Ignatian Catholic tradition. Those interested in JVC should be active in faith and interested in growing in their Christianity.