Witnessing for the Water Protectors,
Witnessing for Christ

A Savior brought a gospel of universal love to the world, letting himself be crucified rather than return violence for violence, even praying from the cross that his killers be forgiven. I’m His follower now, in a world dominated by bullies who each consider their way the “right” way, seeking to impose it on others using force and fraud. The survival of life may be at risk now, but a culture of deceit, profiteering and violence cannot respond to this threat, only a repentant one committed to compassion, forgiveness and the common good. I carry God’s call to world repentance while I still have breath, studying at seminary to sharpen my wits and deepen my heart and my faithfulness.
— John Jerimiah Edminster, M.Div Student, Earlham School of Religion

Residents of Richmond, IN take part in a nationwide show of support on 11/15/2016 for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, ND.  At the extreme right is John Edminster with a sandwich-man sign reading "A just God still rules." Photo by Bryan Hanger

About Earlham School of Religion

Located in Richmond, Indiana, Earlham School of Religion is a Christian graduate theological school in the Quaker Tradition. Earlham is recognized by the Center for Faith and Service as part of the Seminaries that Change the World Class of 2016-17. To learn more about Earlham, visit their website at esr.earlham.edu or view their Seminaries that Change the World profile.