December 13

Reflection by Rev. Abby Mohaupt


To the people:

At Easter, we experience a great turning. In ordinary time, we hope to recognize God's love for us as the world turns.

But in Advent, we wait for the world to turn. We wait for God-with-us to appear, our hearts aching for the cosmic loneliness to subside.

We wait to see how God will make God’s appearance. We wait to see how God will claim us and the world, calling us into peace, hope, joy, and love. 

We wait for a God who comes to be with us completely, in all our brokenness. The child who is somehow God will come, arriving in a most ordinary way to love us and all creation with a love so extraordinary that he will be crucified. Love that turns the world upside down has a way of threatening how the world is.

To God:

Jesus, this year we wait for you with a sense that the world needs to be turned right side up. Too many black lives have not mattered this year, it took so long for our world to remember that water is life, and the powers and principalities of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, and classism seem to have won the day…but God, we hope not our hearts.

Help us choose to wait with peace, hope, joy, and love. And help us recognize you, when you come.


About Abby

Rev Abby Mohaupt is an minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA). She received her Master of Divinity and Master of Theology from McCormick Theological Seminary. Abby spent the past several years serving as the Faith Community Liaison in Puente de la Costa Sur, where she worked to support civil and workers rights for migrant farm workers and their communities. Abby recently relocated to Madison, NJ, where she is working on a PhD in ecofeminism at Drew Theological School.

Abby is recognized as one of the Center for Faith and Service's 2016 Modern Day Saints.

For more of Abby's art, poetry, and theological writings, check out her blog at