Our programs focus on six areas of ministry.


For the church to have a genuine relationship with young people, they must feel loved and cared for.


How does the church make itself relevant to a generation hell-bent on changing the world?


How can we engage the world while exploring and deepening our spiritual lives?


How are you nurturing your life's calling?


How will you lead the church and the world?


How will you lead the world and the church?

We believe that in order for the church to be relevant and renewed, it must invite, include, and be led by today's young adults.

Our goals are to: 

  • Encourage local congregations to be present and relevant in the lives of young adults, particularly those involved in serving the community
  • Support young adults to serve and lead in the world by connecting their passion to serve with their spiritual exploration and discernment process
  • Identify and strengthen service and leadership programs that connect faith and service
  • Partner with seminaries and divinity schools to recruit talented and committed individuals who will serve and lead the church over the next half-century
  • Develop resources that address our six key focus areas, making them available to clergy, lay leaders, teachers, local congregations, regional judicatories, national church governing bodies, colleges, universities, seminaries, divinity schools, faith-based service programs, secular service organizations, students, young adults, teachers and parents.