Ricardo Tavarez

Ricardo Tavarez

M.Div, Calvin Seminary


Grand Rapids, MI

Undergrad & Major(s)

Kuyper College
Bible, International Business & Marketing

What kind of service experience have you had in the past?

I have enjoyed leading youth on domestic mission trips, where we served a community organization while learning about the civil rights movement and ministries of justice. A few years ago I also spent several weeks in Nicaragua, where I was asked to teach church leaders and community workers on topics related to team building, youth ministry, and misión integral / Christian community development. 

How have you been involved in community service/social justice issues while in seminary?

During my time in seminary I first worked in full time youth ministry for a local non-profit and then as the Director of Outreach for my home church. Both of these job were heavily related to racial reconciliation and Christian community development. For the last three years I served with the CCDA (Christian Community Development Association) West Michigan Regional Conference Committee, providing an annual conference for West Michigan. These conferences engaged attendees on multiple issues of related to justice and missional engagement in urban communities, including advocacy, racial reconciliation, immigration and youth ministry. I am now the committee chair for CCDA West Michigan. Additionally, I lead workshops and speak on topics related to community development, Latino ministry, and racial reconciliation. 

What type of ministry do you see yourself doing?

Church Planting, Parish Ministry, Preaching/Teaching

What topics or issues would you be open to sharing about with groups?

Missional Church, Christian Community Development, Racial Reconciliation, and Latino Ministry.

What were your favorite courses in undergrad? Seminary?

I enjoyed any and all courses related to missions and preaching. My heart and gifting are both these places. 

What is your dream job?

In my wildest dreams I envision leading a seminary for urban ministry leaders.

What do you like to do when you're not working on changing the world?

In my spare time I enjoy putting my drawing desk to good use. I also enjoy writing, acting, movies and going out to sample great food.