Shannon Jammal-Hollemans

Shannon Jammal-Hollemans

M.Div 2013, Calvin Seminary


Grand Rapids, Michigan

Undergrad & Major(s)

Grand Valley State University, BA Liberal Studies 

What kind of service experience have you had in the past?

Over the years, I have served in a variety of volunteer capacities at my church. I volunteered as a counselor at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Grand Rapids for a couple of years. In Seminary, I served on the student senate and was a contributing writer for the student newspaper, in addition to my involvement in ecumenical activities as a participant in Christian Churches Together and the Caribbean And North American Area Council (CANAAC) gatherings. 

How have you been involved in community service/social justice since graduating from Calvin?

Since graduating from Seminary, I have continued to serve as a volunteer in my church. I am on the Interfaith Relations Committee of the Christian Reformed Church, as well as our denomination’s Collaborative for Diversity and Inclusion. I enjoy preaching, giving presentations, and leading workshops on issues including racial reconciliation and immigration.

What type of ministry do you see yourself doing?

Paolo Coehlo said, "The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion." My desire is for my ministry to be shaped by the voices of those on the margins of our communities and congregations (Luke 14). The focus of my work in the Christian Reformed Church is to educate people about justice issues and to equip them to advocate for the rights of others, demonstrating that seeking justice for others is a critical component of discipleship. 

What topics or issues would you be open to sharing about with groups?

I like speaking with groups, particularly about justice & discipleship, interfaith dialogue, racism and racial reconciliation, peacemaking in Israel/Palestine, and immigration. I could also speak on vocational discernment. 

What were your favorite classes in undergrad? Seminary? Why?

In undergrad, I thoroughly enjoyed course work in philosophy, psychology, and political science. There were few courses that I did not love in Seminary, but my favorites were those that delved into the historical context of the old and new testaments which demonstrate just how serious God has always been about ministry being shaped and led by those on the margins, including women and other ethnic groups.

What is your dream job?

I love preaching, so I relish every opportunity I have to do so (about once a month). I also enjoy to writing, traveling, and connecting with leaders in congregations. All of these things are part of my work for the Christian Reformed Church. Since starting in this position three years ago, my work has taken me around the U.S. and to countries including Italy, Mexico, Honduras and Cuba. In many ways, I have my dream job.

What do you like to do when you're not working on changing the world?

I have a husband and three children (ages 16,14, and 12) who I enjoy spending time with. When I need to recharge my introvert batteries, I like to read novels and research genealogy.