Center for Faith and Service Announces Summer Camps that Change the World, Class of 2016

“There are few places in our society where conversations around spiritual exploration and faith formation can happen in such deep, meaningful and lasting ways,” says Meisel. “The camp experience invites young people to discover and begin to define the spiritual side of themselves. In my own experience, it was the encounter with role models – camp counselors who were often only a few years older than I – that provided a footprint for how I wanted to live my life into adulthood.”
— June 9, 2016 Press Release

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Summer camps play a crucial role in cultivating the talents and passions of young people, nurturing faith formation, and inspiring and equipping the next generation of leaders. Through its annual recognition of Camps that Change the World, the Center for Faith and Service looks to lift up and affirm these important institutions and the work they are doing in the lives of young people.

summer camps that change the world 2016

Last year, the Center received nominations from all over the country from campers, counselors, community members, and moms and dads who thought their summer camp was helping Change the World. We would like to congratulate those camps on the outstanding work they are doing, and welcome new nominations for the 2017 list of Camps that Change the World.

While the Center for Faith and Service primarily works to serve young people interested in connecting their faith with their passions for service, justice, and advocacy, we recognize that there are a number of non-religious organizations and summer camps that Change the World. We invite nominations for Camps that Change the World from all walks and ways, regardless of religious affiliation.  Congratulations once again to the Class of 2016. Have a great summer!