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UrbanPromise’s internship program provides college-aged adults with year-round or summertime training in urban youth development and ministry. Interns work in our afterschool and summer camps and live in community in the Camden neighborhood in which they work. Their role at UrbanPromise is essential to our organization’s operational and programmatic success as they work on a volunteer basis and act as positive role models to the children and teens in their camps.

On average, UrbanPromise interns spend 18 hours a week with our children and teens. Their roles as mentors, teachers, and friends are essential for the success of our children’s ministry programs. Over the last 25 years, around 1,600 college-aged interns have sacrificed a summer or year of service in the community of Camden.




September through May the following year.

Funding & Benefits

Stipend: Small stipend for basic living expenses

Housing: Provided

Board: Provided

Intentional Living Community: Yes

Travel and Transportation: Yes

Mission & Distinctives

Our mission is to equip Camden (NJ) children and young adults with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, spiritual growth, and Christian leadership. We strive to fulfill this mission through after-school programs, summer camps, two schools, experiential learning, job training, and a host of other programs that challenge youth to develop and realize their potential.


Through their work in after-school and summer camps and intern-only activities, participants develop a foundation for ministry related to personal and spiritual growth. Interns are assigned to small discipleship groups in which they are held accountable for their responsibilities at UrbanPromise as well as supported and encouraged to overcome the challenges of urban youth ministry. They also participate in and lead group worship and devotions.


Although they receive a small stipend for basic living expenses, interns volunteer as staff in UrbanPromise’s after-school and summer camps. Their role is primarily focused on planning for and teaching camp classes that include arts and crafts, Bible study, homework help, recreation, and performing arts.


Interns work and live in diverse communities. The neighborhoods in which they work are culturally and ethnically diverse; the families of many camp youth are non-English speakers or recent immigrants to the United States. In relation to living space, interns are grouped based on their neighborhood camp and live with program participants from across the country and world.


Participants in the internship program utilize and develop leadership skills through their work in an often challenging environment, engagement in weekly classes and discussions, and responsibility to respond to the needs of others—the youth they serve as well as fellow interns. Classes relate to various aspects of ministry, leadership, poverty, and culture and include guest speakers, film viewings, and assigned readings.


Because it is a Christian organization and ministry is a big part of working with Urban Promise, it would make the most sense to have some sense of mission involving faith when applying.



Primarily Camden, NJ.

Charlotte (NC, in early 2014)


Trenton (NJ)

Wilmington (DE)


While Urban Promise has international programs, the internship program is domestic.