About the Center for Faith and Service

Based out of McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois, the Center for Faith and Service works to develop new programs and identify existing resources that support the church to be present and relevant in the lives of young adults. Through a variety of initiatives, The Center partners with seminaries, summer camps, colleges, youth corps, denominations and local congregations to create programs and resources that help young people connect their passions for service and justice with their faith.

At the Center for Faith & Service, we seek to cultivate an integrated faith which is active in the Head, Heart and Hands. Thus, Faith3!

Faith Active in the Head

Our focus on re-envisioning Theological Educaiton for a new age is at the core of our integrated view of faith.

Faith Active in the Heart

A heart filled with love of others, self, and God motivates us.

Faith Active in the Hands

Faith without actions is not faith at all (James 2:17). We believe that we learn and how we love must motivate the action of our lives.